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US Club Soccer's Player Development Programs (PDPs) are regionally based identification and developmental programs conducted within the id2 Program umbrella. PDPs are focused around the Premier Leagues (NPL) and other top leagues in specific geographic areas.

PDP invitations are based upon objective scouting of elite clubs and leagues, combined with recommendations from top Directors of Coaching. id2 Program staff are on-site at PDP events to scout players for potential inclusion in id2 Training Camps, and U.S. Soccer staff may also be on-site to scout players for potential U.S. National Team inclusion as well as conduct off-the-field lectures, seminars, coaching and other related discussions.


Aim - To assist member clubs in developing their top, motivated players by selecting the most promising players in each age group and providing a regular elite development environment.

The New York Club Soccer League introduced a dedicated Player Development Program in 2013 and the program covers the same geographic area as the NYCSL NPL, incorporating eastern NY, NYC, Long Island, CT & NJ.

The objective of the PDP is to identify, develop, and showcase the most motivated and talented players in the NYCSL territory, provide specialized training and games with experienced coaches and offer opportunities for US National team, International Professional Soccer Clubs, and College exposure. In addition, the PDP seeks to recommend some of its most talented players to attend U.S. Club Soccer's id2 Player Identification Program Training Camps.

The NYCSL program is split into three distinct areas, which are operated and administered by NYCSL Technical Director John Curtis. Specially selected club neutral PDP staff assist John in the delivery of the three areas of the program.

NYCSL PDP Training Groups U12-U18

(Identification & Development) There is no cost associated for involvement in the NYCSL PDP Training Groups.

Training Groups consist of approximately 30 of the most talented, carefully selected players from the NYCSL NPL region. Players are identified from the NYCSL Centers of Excellence and nominated to NYCSL PDP directors by club coaches and DOC's.

NYCSL PDP Select Squads U9-U18

(National team, id2, Professional Soccer Club & College exposure)

Select Squads consist of approximately 18 members who have demonstrated that they are one of the most promising players in their age group from within the entire NYCSL territory. Select Squads are formed to represent the NYCSL in various high level competitive events throughout the year, including professional and collegiate showcasing and inter PDP competition. Select squad members can be recommended by the Technical Director for inclusion into the id2 program.

PDP Program Requirements

Player Recommendations

  1. Please email John Curtis at with your recommendations of talented players you believe have the potential to play at the PDP level.
  2. Please recommend players you truly feel have the ability to move on to the US Club Soccer id2 Program. Be sure to explain why you feel this player deserves to be selected to attend. INCLUDE DATE OF BIRTH / PRIMARY POSITION
  3. Please pass on this information to the appropriate coaches within your organization.
  4. Please consider the player pool will be of a high standard, and as such we ask that you recognize the importance of the integrity of the program when recommending players. All recommendations selected will affect how we look at your future recommendations.

Selection Process:

  1. Final selections will be made by the DOC’s of the PDP with input from your recommendations, the players resume, and any other information provided that will help PDP and NPL staff make their decisions.
  2. Players recommended are not guaranteed an invite to the PDP. The official invitation will be sent to the DOC of the players club.

Attendance at the PDP

  1. Technical Directors, Coaching Directors, Club Coaches, College Coaches, id2 staff and US Soccer Staff are encouraged to attend. College Coaches will receive invitations to attend.
  2. The PDP is closed for parents wishing to view from the sidelines. There will be a designated area for parents and spectators to wait for any players participating.

John Curtis
Technical Director
NY Club Soccer League
(860) 908-6303